Effective Problem Solving

Getting good information through open and closed questions is important in order to make sound decisions. Coming to a mutually beneficial solution is also important to organizational success. A case study involving a problem solving situation will be presented and followed to conclusion. 

 Content areas covered during this session will include exercises and discussions around a 

Seven Step Problem Solving Process 
1. Define the problem 
2. Size up the situation gather data 
3. Identify possible causes 
4. Determine root cause 
5. Brainstorm possible solutions 
6. Reach consensus on best solution 
7. Develop/implement action plan

 At the conclusion of this module, participants will be able to: 
Describe the impact of getting good information in the decision-making process
Demonstrate open and closed-ended questioning techniques 
Develop an action plan to improve decision making as it relates to supervisory          

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