Access Basic

Program Objectives: This course is designed to give the student the basic skills to create a simple Access database using Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports.

    Topics covered in class:
  • Introduction to Access
  • Starting Access
  • Task Pane Contents
  • Database Management Applications
  • Compacting a Database
  • Opening a File
  • Setting Macro Security Levels
  • Viewing Database Tables-Datasheet View, Design View
  • Moving Around a Database
  • Switching to Other Opened Components
  • What is a Database?
  • Form Feature
  • Report Feature-Page Setup Options, How to Print
  • Querying the Database
  • Modifying a Query
  • Saving a Modified Query
  • Help Feature
  • Changing Column Width
  • Piggyback Clipboard
  • Moving Text
  • Copying Text
  • Copying Data From a Previous Field
  • Paste Append Feature
  • Undo Feature
  • Deleting a Record in the Data Table
  • Sorting a Data Table-Single Criteria, Multiple Criteria - Filter Feature
  • Saving a Filter as a Query
  • Differences Between a Filter and a Query
  • Find Feature
  • Replace Feature
  • Closing a File
  • Designing a Database
  • Starting a New File
  • Saving Changes
  • Creating a Database Table
  • Field Names
  • Data Types Defined
  • Description of Fields
  • Field Sizes
  • Primary Keys - Setting/Removing
  • Saving Table Designs
  • Entering Data into a Table
  • Adding a Field
  • Deleting a Field
  • Creating a Form
  • Queries - Creating/Running
  • Query Comparison Operators-AND, OR , BETWEEN
  • Saving a Query
  • Creating a Report
  • Making a Backup Copy of an Object
  • Altering the Appearance of a Report-Selecting and Sizing Controls, Previewing and Saving, Moving Controls, Copying Controls, Deleting Controls
  • Exiting Access

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