Presenting With Impact

The purpose of the program is to help you build the skills needed to prepare and deliver effective presentations—whether in front of one person or a group. The underlying assumption of the program is that regardless of how good you are as a presenter, you can always improve. Whatever your skill level, you will have the opportunity to enhance existing skills and develop some new ones. As a result of the program, your confidence in your skills should increase and your capabilities, as they apply to both formal and informal presentations, expand.

    The program will introduce you to skills and processes, which will enable you to improve your presentation impact by
  • Using a structured approach for presentation preparation and deliver
  • Enhancing your delivery techniques
  • Conducting question and answer sessions with confidence
  • Handling challenging presentation situations
  • Using visual aids appropriate
  • Applying best practices at all stages of the presentation process

Participants will be expected to come to the class with a rough outline of a presentation topic that the can refine and deliver in class.
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Payment must accompany non-member registration. Make checks payable to MA. Cancellation Policies Apply: Substitutions may be made any time. Cancellations within five business days of the session will be charged. No shows will be charged.

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