MANAGING ON PURPOSE A Framework for Guiding Success in the Workplace Lesson Eight: Risk: It Can Happen Here; Discipline and Accountability

This is also a short elective for the Supervisory Certificate Program
Program Overview
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Managing on Purpose is a comprehensive management training program delivered in eighteen lessons, nine sessions. This is a "threshold" program, comprised of "must have" lessons that all managers and supervisors in an organization should learn. The lessons correspond to chapters in a book of the same title, written by James Hall in 2011. Each lesson includes a section called For Further Consideration, which is a list of questions designed to generate further discussion of that lesson's topic. It's recommended that all participants going through the program take the first six lessons, called Aspects, in order. Thereafter the program offers the flexibility of participants taking all remaining lessons, called Applications, choosing first those most appropriate to their specific needs.

Lesson 8: Risk: It Can Happen Here; Discipline and Accountability
Risk: It Can Happen Here: It can't happen here. Except, it can. Ask people in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, who lived through the tornadoes that ravaged their city in the Spring of 2011. Ask those affected by earthquakes and tsunamis. Ask the people who survived the killings in a hair salon in Huntington Beach, California, in October of 2011. Ask people who were in the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001. This lesson asks managers to wake up. It reminds them again of OSHA's General Duty Clause, which says that they are to ensure a safe and healthful workplace. What are managers to do in the face of the unimaginable? Of the potentially disastrous and unthinkable? Just that. They are to imagine, plan and prepare. In the absence of a plan—which people implement and rehearse—the Chicken With Its Head Cut Off Syndrome takes over. When it does, the potential for even greater loss and confusion increases. This lesson says wake up; don't let that happen.

Discipline and Accountability: No employee likes to be "written up." No manager likes confrontation. The fact of the matter is, sometimes employees have difficulty meeting agreed upon expectations, and, when this occurs, they need to be reminded. This lesson introduces managers to an effective, tension-relieving method for improving employee performance called Positive Discipline, a method that places responsibility and accountability for performance where it belongs—on the employee. In this method, managers and supervisors assume the role of helper and guide, versus that of punisher and disciplinarian, and it accomplishes this wondrous transformation in their lives. The lesson introduces a method of performance management called ABC (articulated by Aubrey Daniels), which stands for Antecedent (that which occurs before a targeted behavior), Behavior (the targeted behavior), and C (the consequences received because of the behavior). Daniels says that managers are much more comfortable with the Antecedent part, much less comfortable with the Consequences part, and he asks that we change that emphasis. This lesson tells how we go about that.

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