MANAGING ON PURPOSE A Framework for Guiding Success in the Workplace Lesson Seven: Privacy and Other Protections; Managing and Technology

This is also a short elective for the Supervisory Certificate
Program Overview
Please note that this program has been approved for 2.5 recertification credit hours toward PHR®, SPHR® and GPHAR® recertification through the HR Certification Institute. Please be sure to note the Program ID number on your recertification application form. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit the HR Certification Institute homepage at

Managing on Purpose is a comprehensive management training program delivered in eighteen lessons, nine sessions. This is a "threshold" program, comprised of "must have" lessons that all managers and supervisors in an organization should learn. The lessons correspond to chapters in a book of the same title, written by James Hall in 2011. Each lesson includes a section called For Further Consideration, which is a list of questions designed to generate further discussion of that lesson's topic. It's recommended that all participants going through the program take the first six lessons, called Aspects, in order. Thereafter the program offers the flexibility of participants taking all remaining lessons, called Applications, choosing first those most appropriate to their specific needs.
Lesson 7: Privacy and Other Protections; Managing and Technology
Privacy and Other Protections: Is it okay for managers to search at random through employees' desks and lockers? Can they install surveillance cameras in restrooms? Can they access employees' email? Can managers actually search employees, perhaps having them lean against a wall and then "patting them down"? This lesson answers these and other questions pertaining to employee privacy in the workplace (an over-arching consideration is that managers can't do these things in areas in which employees have come to have an expectation of privacy; we "invade" privacy if we violate that expectation). Employers and managers must also be aware of confidential information, that belonging to employees and that belonging to the organization; this lesson describes the need for protecting that information, along with the consequences for failing to do so. A final section of Compliance, Part 3 deals briefly with wage and hour considerations, those most likely to be affected by inappropriate and/or illegal behavior on the part of managers.
Managing and Technology: Technology continues to remake the workplace. In the face of this fact, managers can hide their heads in the sand (saying "I can't keep up with this!"), or they can choose to look at technology as a necessary and potentially helpful way of life—and one that is simply not going to go away. This lesson seeks to develop a "can do" frame of reference in regard of technology, especially information technology or IT. A point is made that we all deal with different levels and kinds of technology all the time, from computer applications to riding lawnmowers. For some of us, technological growth in specific areas has been astonishing (technology, for example, that affects the written word, which has progressed from markings on cave walls to word processing). Managers need to realize that they "do" technology all the time, and that they can certainly "do" more; again, it's a matter of perception and frame of reference. An example is given of how cloud computing has and will continue to change computing. If participants can understand and apply this concept, they can understand and apply many others.

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