MANAGING ON PURPOSE A Framework for Guiding Success in the Workplace Lesson Six: Equal in the Eyes of the Law; Disability Laws and Worker Safety

This is also a short elective for the Supervisory Certificate Program
Program Overview
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Managing on Purpose is a comprehensive management training program delivered in eighteen lessons, nine sessions. This is a "threshold" program, comprised of "must have" lessons that all managers and supervisors in an organization should learn. The lessons correspond to chapters in a book of the same title, written by James Hall in 2011. Each lesson includes a section called For Further Consideration, which is a list of questions designed to generate further discussion of that lesson's topic. It's recommended that all participants going through the program take the first six lessons, called Aspects, in order. Thereafter the program offers the flexibility of participants taking all remaining lessons, called Applications, choosing first those most appropriate to their specific needs.Lesson 6: Equal in the Eyes of the Law, Disability Laws and Worker Safety
Equal in the Eyes of the Law: Lessons Five, Six and Seven all deal with compliance. The inescapable fact is that the workplace is something of a legal jungle, one with confusing and sometimes overlapping requirements. The consequences of not meeting these requirements can be painful for both individual managers and for the organizations in which they work. Lesson Eleven focuses on Equal Employment Opportunity requirements and also has a section on unions. It begins by talking about the importance of policies, recommending that organizations manage by policy versus by whim or opinion. In terms of lesson content, the point is made that EEO requirements extend to virtually every "term, condition and privilege" of employment, and the emphasis in this lesson is on managers' roles in seeing that all of the foregoing are handled in a compliant manner. The focus is on what managers do to comply with EEO and other requirements, not what they know.
Disability Laws and Worker Safety: This lesson deals with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), and with other laws governing employee safety and health. It makes the point that complying with disability laws is often a matter of understanding the terminology used in the various laws and regulations. For example, individuals protected under the ADA are protected if they have a "mental or physical impairment," and those protected under the FMLA if they have a "serious health condition," and the two conditions are not at all synonymous—nor are the ways employees must be managed under the protection of either law. The emphasis for managers in the lesson is on what they must say and do (and just as importantly not say and do) in dealing with employees who approach them to discuss health-related conditions of various kinds (the employees' own conditions and those of their families). The lesson also has a section on OSHA, reminding managers that they are to ensure a safe and healthful working environment for their employees.
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