Time Management

Objectives of Class: TIME BASICS- • Introduction – An Extra Hour, • What Is Time? – Atomic Clock, • I Don’t Have Time!, • What It Means To Be Productive, • Conditioning & Comfort Zones, • The Habits Of High Achievers (Video) PROACTIVE VS. REACTIVE- • Moving To “Proactivity” As A Lifestyle (Video), • Your Personal Productivity Cycle, • Removing Obstacles, • Owning Your Decisions PLANNING & PRIORITIZING- • Planning, Daily- Weekly, Monthly?, Time Mapping Your Day, Contact Management, Getting More Done, Under-commit And Over-deliver, Delegation, I Don’t Have Time To Plan • Prioritizing-Prioritizing In Relation To Results, Management Vs. Leadership, Urgency Addiction, Balance, Control & Reducing Stress, Return On Investment, Scheduling What’s Important, Saying “No” FOCUS & ORGANIZATION • Getting Organized -Touch It Once, Good Intentions, Poor Systems, Opportunity Cost, Document and Retrieve TIME MANAGEMENT TOOL • Choose Your Weapon-Electronic Handheld Devices, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Etc., Day Planners, CRM – Goldmine, Act, Etc. , I Don’t Have A Tool • The Keys To Using Your System • Making Better Decisions TIME WASTERS & SAVERS • Time Wasters-6 Ways To Manage Interruptions, Overcoming Procrastination, Idle Chit Chat Vs. Being Productive, Time Robbers • Time Saving Tips & Ideas PERSONAL LEADERSHIP • Time Management & Life Leadership-Build Your Strengths And Manage Your Weaknesses, Legacy, Values & Setting Goals, Walking The Talk *Please note that the check should be made payable to MA and mailed to MA, 160 Roosevelt Ave., Suite 400, York PA 17401. *Please note that this class is sponsored by the Electronics Consortium. To receive the discounted price, the class participants must confidentially and securely supply their social security number. Any company interested in joining the Electronics Consortium, please call Tammy Marcase at 717-843-3891. Register by: Register: Online: www.mascpa.org E-mail: training@mascpa.org OR Payment must accompany non-member registration. A member company that has a reservation for employee training in a scheduled class may relinquish the seat(s) by notifying the scheduling coordinator. If the cancellation is within the cancellation terms of the approved contract, then no fee will be required; otherwise full fee is required. If the seat is able to be filled by another participant prior to the start of class, no fee will be assessed. Questions: Fax/Mail/Call: Tammy Marcase, 160 Roosevelt Ave., Ste 400, York, PA 17401, Phone – (717) 843-3891, Fax - (717) 854-9445, E-mail: tmarcase@mascpa.org This training is supported by funding through the Department of Labor and Industry.

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