Word Intermediate Part I

Program Objectives: Students will learn intermediate skills including: Bullets & Numbering, Word Art, Styles, Graphic Lines, Tables, and Mail Merge using Microsoft Word.

    Topics covered in class:
  • Moving Around the Word Screen
  • Enhancing the File Appearance
  • Selecting Text to Change
  • Defining Auto Text
  • Inserting Auto Text
  • Printing Auto Text
  • Numbering Pages
  • Headers or Footers
  • Footnotes or Endnotes
  • Indenting Text from Both Margins
  • Numbering
  • Bullets-Customizing Bullets, Creating Picture Bullets
  • Centering Page Top to Bottom
  • Word Art for Dramatic Effects
  • Styles-Creating/Applying/Changing, Using in New Documents
  • Dividing Documents into Sections
  • Newspaper Columns
  • Manual Column Break
  • Adding a Border to Text
  • Adding Shading to a Table or Paragraph
  • Graphic Lines
  • Quick Lesson in Graphics
  • Table Feature-Changing Column Width, Inserting Columns/Rows, Deleting Columns/Rows, Merging Cells, Centering Between Margins, Removing the Gridlines
  • Mail Merge-Preparing the Main Document, Attaching a Data Source, Creating a Data Source, Inserting the Date into the Form Letter, Inserting Merge Fields, Performing the Mail Merge
  • Creating Labels for Mail Merge
  • Creating Envelopes for Mail Merge
  • Editing Labels/Envelopes Before Mailing
  • Exiting from Word

Prerequisite: Must have Word Basics or equivalent experience

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