Word Intermediate Part II

Program Objectives: Students will learn additional intermediate skills including: Fields, Auto Correct, Graphics, Joining Tables, and Macros using Microsoft Word.

    Topics covered in class:
  • Moving Around the Word Screen
  • Selecting Text to Change
  • Opening Word Files Quickly
  • Opening Multiple Word Files
  • Combining Word Files
  • Deleting Word Files
  • Removing Dialog Boxes
  • Quick Menus
  • Changing View Modes
  • Fields-Date, Time, Page Number, File Name, Fill-In, Updating Fields
  • Special Word Characters
  • Show/Hide Button
  • Revealing Formatting Codes
  • View/Zoom Control
  • Editing a File in Print Preview
  • Shrink to Fit Feature
  • Font Changes
  • Changing the Default Font
  • Quick Format Feature
  • Removing All Formatting at One Time
  • Drop Caps
  • Auto Correct Feature
  • Find Feature
  • Find and Replace Feature
  • Printing Selected Text
  • Changing the Paper Orientation
  • Creating Symbols
  • Thesaurus Feature
  • Joining Two Tables Into One Form
  • Table Auto Format Feature
  • Tips for Forms
  • Text in a Box
  • Indenting From Left and Right Margins
  • Flush Right Tabs With Leaders
  • Flush Right Tabs Without Leaders
  • Returning to Default Tabs
  • Sorting/Alphabetizing Feature
  • Sorting Paragraphs
  • Graphics-Lines, Full Page Borders, Editing
  • Macros-Quick Macro Record Steps, Recording a Macro, Running a Macro, Deleting a Macro
  • Exiting From Word

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