Pneumatics-100-Introduction to Industrial Pneumatics & Air Logic

This 32-hour course focuses on industrial pneumatics systems and will teach the student to troubleshoot down to the component level. The course also provides an introduction to air logic in the forms of; attached Symbology(logic symbols) and detached Symbology (ladder logic).
*The course does not cover individual component repair.

Course Outline by Day: Day 1: Introduction, Symbols, Safety, Pneumatic Basics, Formulas, Pneumatic Actuators, Directional Control Valves & Accessory Valves

Day 2: Flow Controls, Pressure Controls, Vacuum, Distribution, Air Preparation, Compressors & Controls

Day 3: Pneumatic Control Circuits &Troubleshooting

Day 4: Troubleshooting Air Logic And/Or Customer Schematics, Air Logic, Testing & Evaluations

This course has been cancelled

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