CNC for Operators I

This 20 hour course is designed to develop an introductory working knowledge of basic CNC programming. The student will learn basic programming concepts and techniques which will include; a study of EIA word address and conversational formats, numerical control systems and machinery, process planning, two and three axis programming, and math for numerical control.

    COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this course the student should be able to;
  • a. Understand numerical control systems and components.
  • b. Identify and use various types of CNC machines and tooling.
  • c. Plan CNC machining strategies and operations from working drawings.
  • d. Write two and three axis programs in EIA word address and Conversational formats, for various in house machine tools.
  • e. Apply these methods and techniques to our shop environment.

  • 1. Introduction to Numerical Control
  • 2. Numerical control systems
  • 3. Process planning and tooling
  • 4. Two axis programming for milling
  • 5. Three axis programming for milling
  • 6. Math for numerical control
  • 7. Numerical control for Lathes

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