Alignment, Engagement, Commitment: Kick Starting Employee Performance

    HE’S the problem!
  • He’s not singing from the same sheet of music you are.
  • He’s not fully invested in his work.
  • His commitments for the most part lie outside the organization

Get him to sing harmony with you; make him care about his day to day tasks and responsibilities; turn him into a committed advocate for his department and your company.
  • Alignment
  • Determining and Communicating vision, mission, and values.
  • Developing, communicating and executing a strategic plan.
  • Blowing up the organization chart(if necessary).
  • Specifying roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Engagement
  • “You mean, I have a job description?”
  • Enpowering employees to do what helps the most.
  • Synchronize: how to make everything point in the same direction
  • Communicate results, reward progress, recognize achievement
  • Commitment
  • Don’t allow the silos to rise again
  • The variety and importance of value creation
  • “You mean, ‘My way or the highway’ doesn’t work any more?”
  • Pay attention to little things. All of them

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