PLC Fundamentals

    Course Objectives:
  • 1. PLC philosophy is the primary emphasis. Usage and applications are taught.
  • 2. The student will learn the building blocks of a PLC. The purpose of each, and various PLC configurations. I/O addressing will be taught.
  • 3. Previous discrete component type circuits will be used as the catalyst for learning program development.
  • 4. The student will learn how to use the software for the PLC in use, program the PLC, properly wire it, download and upload the program, make changes to the program, save the program and print out the program.
  • 5. Proper wiring safety and installation procedures will be emphasized.
  • 6. The student will be given various challenges for continued learning development.

    Course Goals:
  • 1. To develop student interest in new technologies, which can encourage the quest for individual growth.
  • 2. To build confidences in a safe supervised environment by providing student with hands-on projects.

Prerequisite: Electrical experience required, examination first day of class. For specifics call Dana Dehoff at 717-843-3891. The student must also have a basic knowledge of computers and how to use them prior to taking the class.

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