Keeping Good People: Strategies for Successful Employee Retention

Every company today is looking to attract and retain those employees who they can count on to get the job done well with minimal supervision. We call these our “Star” performers. This interactive workshop is designed to explore the many factors that contribute to retention of these individuals, including the keys to successful “corrective action” (aka disciplinary action) when it may be warranted. Workshop Objectives: At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to: 1. Explain the factors related to employee retention. 2. Assess their personal strengths and short-comings related to retaining their star performers. 3. Explain the difference between Performance Management and Corrective Action. 4. Apply some key strategies for reversing poor performance. Workshop Outline: 1. Welcome & Introductions 2. Workshop Objectives 3. Definitions re: Employee Retention 4. Self-assessment related to current retention practices 5. Recent Research: Why Good Employees Leave! 6. Performance Management versus Corrective Action 7. Coaching Skills in Action 8. Summary and Action Planning Target Audience: This workshop is designed for any individual in a leadership role who is trying to retain his/her good employees.

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