Geomotric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

This course is a study of the geometric controls set forth in ASME standard Y14.5-1994-Dimensioning and Tolerancing.
Course Objectives: Upon completion of the course the student will demonstrate a beginners level ability to interpret a symbolic language used on engineering drawings to communicate geometric information.

    Course Outline:
  • 1. Introduction-a. Size b. Form c. Orientation d. Location
  • 2. Datums-a. Symbols b. Planes as datums c. Order of precedence d. Cylinders as datums e. Position Evaluating/Position Error f. MMC-RFS Datums g. Angular Orientation h. Widths as datums i. Datum targets
  • 3. Position-a. Introduction/Concepts b. Comparison with +/- c. Material Condition Modifiers d. Position Evaluating/Position Error e. Composite tolerancing f. Projected tolerance zones
  • 4. Size & Form-a. Relationship between size and form b. Tolerance zones c. Inspection techniques
  • 5. Orientation-a. Plane surfaces b. Tolerance zones c. Inspection techniques
  • 6. Profile & Runout-a. Tolerance zones b. Inspection techniques
  • 7. Project Presentations

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