Bias Awareness Training

This is an interactive training where participants will learn about respecting differences in others. The training will foster “AHA” moments leading to shifts in mindsets.

  • • Response Sheet: Forced Choices- Participants complete a response sheet designed to have them reflect on their personal biases by forcing participants to select 1 of 3 choices that are unfavorable or difficult. Processing of this response sheet will happen later in the program.
  • • Diversity-Setting the Groundwork-Includes session expectations, diversity belief statements and definitions; getting everyone on “the same page” for the session
  • • Activity-First Thoughts-Participants are shown a series of photos very quickly and asked to record their first thoughts. Processing includes asking participants to share reflections about their observations/thoughts during this activity.
  • • Response Sheet: Forced Choices-Processing of this response sheet.
  • • Video: Awareness-In this 2 minute video, participants will discover how easily it is to miss something that’s right before their eyes when their attention is focused on something else; includes processing questions that focus on human characteristics people are most judemental about.
  • • Frame of Reference-Participants will complete a response sheet that will enable them to understand and complete their own frame of reference
  • • Discussion-How to Proactively Impact Bias-Participants engage in interactive brainstorming and the instructor shares strategies for maximizing teachable moments and building a more aware and respectful workplace.
  • • Wrap-Up-Participants will be asked to share key takeaways and fill out an evaluation form.
      Outcomes-Participants who:
    • are aware of their personal biases and the assumptions of others.
    • know how to inquire about differences without offending.
    • listen with open minds.
    • suspend their own beliefs as needed to ensure fair and consistent interactions with others.
    • seek different perspectives and actively learn from differences in people.

    Please note that this can count as a Supervisory Certificate short elective.
    Register by: . Payment must accompany non-member registration. Make checks payable to MASCPA. Cancellation Policies Apply: Substitutions may be made any time. Cancellations within five business days of the session will be charged. No shows will be charged.

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