GTAW Steel and Aluminum Welder Training

This 36 hour course focuses on the fundamentals and skills required for the use of the gas tungsten arc welding process. Training candidates will be instructed on Welding Safety, GTAW Process Description, Equipment Requirements, Tungsten, Filler Metal, and Discontinuities. In the weld shop training candidates will set-up GTAW equipment for Steel and Aluminum training exercises. Training exercises will focus on Tungsten Preparation, Filler Metal Deposit Techniques, Base Metal Preparation, Bead Welds, and Fillet Welds. As a result training candidates will develop welding skills using this process on both Steel and Aluminum weldments.


  • GTAW Safety
  • GTAW Process Description
  • GTAW Equipment Requirements
  • TAW Process Set-up
  • GTAW Tungsten and Filler Metal Classifications
  • GTAW Steel Welding Techniques
  • GTAW Aluminum Welding Techniques
  • Weld Discontinuities

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