MWSC Maintenance Scheduling and Planning

This three day, comprehensive, hands-on course, designed for both new and seasoned planner, gives you all the tools you need to help you kick-start your P&S system.
This classroom based training is designed to increase the awareness of a world class planning and scheduling process in your organization. The training is ideal for planner/schedulers as well as other key support people such as maintenance supervisors, managers and those involved with the storeroom and those tasked with managing the CMMS.

    Training Objectives:
  • Develop an effective business case for implementing or improving your planning and scheduling process.
  • Understand the essential support systems for effective planning and scheduling and develop a plan for improving those systems
  • Understand the role of a planner/scheduler in an effective maintenance organization
  • Understand the value of an efficient Work Management Process Flow by process mapping your current system and analyzing the gaps.
  • Identify work to be planned and develop a priority system and RIME chart.
  • Understand the importance of work order closeout and documenting accurate and quality data as essential elements to future improvement
  • Improve performance by benchmarking and analyzing Key Performance indicators
  • Understand high level concepts of project management for shutdowns and outages
  • Understand the importance of developing a partnership with production/operations, purchasing, engineering and other key stakeholders in the planning and scheduling process.
  • Apply our proven step-by-step implementation process that combines field-tested change management techniques with a proven planning and scheduling process.

The benefits you will receive right away: *Build a stronger partnership with production, *Manage time more efficiently, *Reduce overall maintenance costs, *Reduce unplanned downtime, *Improve manpower forecasting, *Fulfill documentation requirements

Length: 24 hours/3 Sessions,

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