A-6100 ControlLogix 5000 Fundamentals & Troubleshooting

This 36 hour, 4.5 day training program is designed to challenge technicianís troubleshooting skills.The training begins with a thorough review of the Logix5000 Hardware, Software, addressing schemes and basic Ladder Instructions. Following this review is a series of Hands-on
troubleshooting projects using real world interfaces such as conveyors, pick & place robots, remote I/O communications, Ethernet I/O and 1771 interfaces. The participants are assigned to evaluate and troubleshoot a series of equipment problems using a variety of scenarios. Each participant will be challenged to solve hardware problems, software problems, communication conflicts and other issues that arise when troubleshooting PLC related problems.

 Review of Programmable Controllers
 Hardware Description
 I/O Configurations
 Installation
 Programming Terminal Operation
 Instruction Familiarization: Ladder Diagram, Timer and Counter, Data Manipulation &
Program Control
 Use Software Utilities to aid in the troubleshooting Process: Trend Charts, Search, Cross
Reference & Force
 Program Editing
 Troubleshooting: Hardware & Software
 RSLinx Driver Creation Overview/Hands-on Demonstration
 Troubleshooting real world Hardware equipment

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