Make Meetings Work

Meetings are a time when employees can nurture their “team spirit,” while providing the opportunity to share important information, make decisions, and do some needed problem-solving. At least, that is what meetings are supposed to be for. More often than not, however, employees feel that meetings are a waste of time, where one person (usually the manager or supervisor) does all of the talking, and no one else feels comfortable sharing their thoughts. This interactive workshop is designed to ensure that you maximize the benefits of well-run meetings.
Learning Objectives:

    Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Define what a good meeting is, and what it is not.
  • Determine when a meeting is necessary.
  • Establish basic “ground rules” with their staff re: conduct during meetings.
  • Prepare an agenda.
  • Explain what should be included in meeting minutes.
  • Demonstrate basic facilitation skills for conducting an effective meeting.

Target Audience: Supervisors, managers and team leaders in charge of conducting meetings.

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