The Manufacturers' Association's 

'Employer Health Insurance Program' 

Offering Group Medical, Dental and Vision Programs

Through 2016 and 2017, The Manufacturers’ Association has worked closely with long-time member and trusted partner Group Benefit Services (GBS), to create and facilitate benefit plans that are specifically designed to bring value to manufacturers. 

In 2017, The Association and GBS enhanced the value of the Association's insurance benefits programs by strategically selecting Preferred Allied Benefit Partners – firms which can best partner with us in providing outstanding member support and plan detail information for both manufacturers and non-manufacturing business alike!

Our Preferred Allied Benefit Partners are best-in-class regional brokers and consultants – who have exclusive access to the EHIP Program and are also members of the Association. 

What is EHIP?

The EHIP HealthyAdvantage is a Partially Self-Funded, Level-Funded Health Plan

Level Funded Health plans allow employers to pay a preset level premium equivalent which includes fixed costs (such as the CIGNA Network, Administration, Re-Insurance) and maximum claims fund. Because the employer is pre-paying the claims, 100% of the unused funds at the end of the contract period will be returned to the employer as savings!

To learn more about EHIP, contact any of our Preferred Allied Benefit Partners below, today!

David Ritter
(717) 852-8000

Matt Pfeiffenberger
(717) 735-3069

Tom Shearer
(717) 263-4179


Employers' Health Insurance Dental Plan
      • Delta Dental PPO dentists generally offer the lowest contracted rates & greatest cost savings.
      • Delta Dental Premier dentists have contracted rates that help you save.
      • Delta Dental MASCPA Benefits Summary Click Here


Employers' Health Insurance Vision Plan

      • NVA Benefits Plan Summary Click Here
      • NVA has extensive national networks including tens of thousands of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians. 
      • The networks include well-known optical retailers as well as independent practitioners. 
      • NVA's philosophy is to provide subscribers the freedom to go to the provider of their choice without compromising the cost and quality of your vision benefit.

Members Currently Enrolled in Association Insurance Through GBS Services Directly:
For questions or concerns please contact:
Ms. Kelly Witmer
Phone: (443) 589-1257

Businesses Interested in Association Insurance Through GBS Services Directly:
Please contact:
Mr. David Bobbitt 
Phone: (410) 832-5156

For More Information on what Services GBS Offers CLICK HERE

Your GBS Manufacturers' Association Insurance Services

      • The Manufacturers' Association is proud of its partnership with GBS – Group Benefit Services.
      • Combined, the GBS/Manufacturers' Association Service Team brings more than 60 years of Health Industry experience to serving the needs of the Association and its many members.
      • These are the team members who work closely with us, and keep members up-to-date on the ever-changing insurance industry!

Joyce Cardwell  
Assistant Vice President - Broker Select
Group Benefit Services 
Joyce has been in the Employee benefit industry for 34 years, working 20 of those years exclusively in the Pennsylvania area. She has worked very closely with the Manufacturers’ Association for 20 years as their Benefit Consultant developing and creating new and cutting edge benefit designs to help contain cost to the employers and still provide great benefits to the employees.

The company’s 32-year history of success has been built on flexibility and creativity. 
GBS continues to develop new cost-containment strategies through unique benefit plan designs, advanced technology and superior reporting capabilities. 

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