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Group Benefit Services (GBS) – Your Partner for Your Insurance Needs!

GBS HR & Benefit Solutions has been an industry leader in helping clients manage their benefit plans by providing in-depth benefits knowledge, streamlined administrative processes and advanced technology. 

GBS also keeps their clients and staff up-to-date on the latest news and information regarding Health Care Reform, in an effort to help provide members with clarity in an ever-changing insurance marketplace. 

The GBS/Manufacturers’ Association partnership offers superior products and services and an ongoing commitment - to bring you the most innovative and cost effective benefit package designed to offer you choice, flexibility and affordable cost.

For questions or concerns for current Association members with benefit plans through GBS, 
please contact:
Ms. Kelly Witmer
Phone: (443) 589-1257

For businesses interested in joining The Manufacturers' Association and discussing insurance benefit plans, 
(including availability) please contact:
Mr. Eric Bayne
Phone: (443) 541-8060

Did You Know That The Association Provides Dental and Vision Plans You Can Offer Employees? 

The unique aspect of these plans are that they can be offered 
as a voluntary benefit (employee paid), or purchased for 
the entire group by the employer. 

Either way the premiums stay the same, even if only one person participates! 

The prices and plans are great, as are the vast networks. 

If you are interested in learning more, want pricing on the products available, or have any current concerns or questions, simply reach out to GBS – their contact information and professional bios are provided below. 

GBS and The Manufacturers’ Association would love to start a conversation with you and see where together, 
we can provide value to your organization! 

Contact Eric Bayne by email at InsuranceServices@mascpa.org, or 
by phone at (443) 541-8060 for more information or to schedule an appointment with a benefits consultant!

Meet Your GBS Manufacturers' Association Insurance Service Team!

The Manufacturers' Association is proud of its partnership with GBS – Group Benefit Services.

Combined, the GBS/Manufacturers' Association Service Team brings more than 60 years of Health Industry experience to serving the needs of the Association and its many members.

These are the team members who work closely with us, and keep members up-to-date on the ever-changing insurance industry!

Kelly Witmer
Customer Service Contact
GBS HR & Benefits Solutions

Kelly joined the GBS team in January 2010. With 27 years of experience in the field performing duties including Customer Service, 
Field Underwriting, Disability Claims Investigations, Supervisory, and Sales, she has a deep level of understanding of benefits, claims and administration.  
She has extensive experience working with small and large group carriers. 

Penny Feemster
Account Manager
GBS HR & Benefits Solutions

Penny joined the GBS team in June 2013.  
She has 20 years in the industry as an Account Manager working for a Third Party Administrator as well as carriers such as CareFirst, Mamsi (UHC), and Coventry (Aetna). 
She holds a BS degree in Health Care Administration. 
Penny has a son, 22, and a daughter, 21, who is set to graduate from Hampton University with a BSN in 2018.

Eric Bayne
Sales Manager
GBS HR & Benefit Solutions
Eric started in the industry in 2006 and has been fortunate to work side by side with, and to be mentored by, some of the best in the industry. 
He has been with GBS since 2010 as a Benefit Consultant before becoming our Sales Manager. While holding both job titles, Eric has provided 
valuable insight into our proposal and quoting process and strategies. He has been integral in developing our sales tools and resources at GBS. 
He studied Mass Communications at Towson University. 
Eric and his wife Linda have a son, Bruce, and a daughter, Clara.

Joyce Cardwell  
Assistant Vice President - Broker Select
Group Benefit Services
Joyce has been in the Employee benefit industry for 30 years, working 20 of those years exclusively in the Pennsylvania area. 
She has worked very closely with the Manufacturers’ Association for 20 years as their Benefit Consultant developing and creating 
new and cutting edge benefit designs to help contain cost to the employers and still provide great benefits to the employees.

The company’s 32-year history of success has been built on flexibility and creativity. 
GBS continues to develop new cost-containment strategies through unique benefit plan designs, advanced technology and superior reporting capabilities. 

"A perfect speaker, at the perfect time. Your event always sets the tone for a business gathering in southcentral PA" –  Annual Event attendee at 
Penn State's Pullo Center in York, PA
The Manufacturers' Association
160 Roosevelt Avenue
York, PA 17401
(717) 843-3891