Manufacturers' Association Wage & Salary Survey

The 2017 Wage & Salary Survey is now available!

Wage & Salary Introduction Video

An overview and introduction of our 2017 Wage & Salary Survey

by Amanda King, Senior HR Representative

2017 Wage & Salary Survey Report

Survey is password protected, see below for purchase fees

Thank you to those companies who participated this year!

Please contact us with any questions concerning this year's Wage & Salary results at

Past Survey Results

Our Regional Annual Wage & Salary Surveys

To show the type and classification of data contained in our Surveys, we have posted a Sample Survey for 2010 below. This Sample Survey can be viewed by any site visitor, without restriction.
  • Surveys for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and the latest 2017 Survey require a password to access
  • Participants will have a password
  • NON-participants (who are members) can access these documents, for a fee of $395.00.
  • NON-participants (who are NOT current members) can access these documents, for a fee of $600.00. 
  • Anyone wishing to access the 2013, 2014, 2015 and latest 2016 Survey documents: 
    Contact us at or by phone at (717) 843-3891 to obtain your log-in password.

The 2010 Sample Survey
The 2010 Sample Survey password is a2c4e.
  • Click on the document. 
  • A password box will open up - type the password a2c4e.
  • The document will then open up.
  • At this point you can either download the document to your computer or continue to access the information on the website. The other security feature is that the survey is “Read Only.” 
  • To decrease the possibility of unauthorized use, store your password in a separate location.
  • We ask that you secure the file in your offices as you would the paper document, please consider it confidential and for your business use only!

Sample 2010 Wage & Salary Survey
The 2016 Wage & Salary Survey (Requires Username and Password)

For questions regarding Survey results or for an interest in signing-up to participate in our Association Surveys, 
please contact us at or by phone at (717) 843-3891.

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