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Our Morning 'Wake-Up to Manufacturing' Session
Coming Tuesday, July 25:

'Gaining an Understanding of 
'The Internet of Things [IoT]'

Presented by 
Nutec Group
Hosted by Josh Millman, AIA

Held at our Offices
160 Roosevelt Avenue, Suite 400
York, PA 17406

8:00 AM: Sign-in, complimentary breakfast, brief networking
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM: Our Program 

The buzz over “The Internet of Things,” also known as “IoT,” is increasingly popping up in Information Technology and Industrial Engineering presentations.  IoT is being heralded as the mechanism to achieve the next industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), as inexpensive sensors using wireless technology provide mountains of data.  

As business becomes more focused on being data driven, the convergence of cheap hardware and very powerful software holds enormous promise. As more applications of IoT are being delivered to integrate with facilities, an understanding of the promise and reality of IoT is crucial. 

Best not to spend too much before the technology is ready, or fall perilously behind the competition while waiting for this technology to be perfected or come down in cost. This introductory presentation will focus on the state of development of the technology and applications as relate directly to facility management, and suggest five immediate actions to be taken for cost effectuate implementation in 2017-18.

Objectives of this session are:
1.    Through a manufacturing facility-based case study, participants will understand the basic concepts of IoT as relate directly to facility management.

2.    Participants will gain an understanding of the most promising IoT applications, and the security implications and other limitations of each.

3.    Participants will understand how IoT is the missing ingredient in optimizing sustainable design for significant energy use reductions.

4.    Participants will identify five immediate actions to be taken for cost effective implementation of IoT in 2017-18.

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