JAN. 8: 'Building a Culture of Positive Accountability' – FREE to Association Members!

FREE to Association Members:

Building a Culture of Positive Accountability, One Supervisor Training Level at a Time! 
'Positive Accountability' in Your Organization

The question “Who’s accountable for failing to achieve the result?” is usually asked by managers when something goes wrong – work didn’t get done, or the team goal was not accomplished.  

Unfortunately, this question is asked after the fact. The better leadership question to ask, before the fact is: “Who is accountable for successfully achieving the result?" 

"Positive Accountabilityis about creating a work culture that motivates employees at all levels in the organization to 'Step up to the plate' in order to get the job done!  Any training effort, or organizational intervention needs to begin with a clear focus on the business results to be achieved. Ensuring that those efforts are imbued with a culture of "positive accountability" will accelerate progress and help guarantee success. 

This January 8th overview will introduce you to the attitudes, skills and processes necessary for "Stepping Up to the Plate" and achieving greater results. It will also introduce you to the Four Levels of the newly revised MA Supervisor Certificate Program.

This session will be held Tuesday, January 8, beginning at 8:00 AM with sign-in, light breakfast and networking. The program will run until approximately 9:45 AM.

Our meeting location is our offices at 320 Busser Road, 2nd Floor, in Emigsville, PA (just north of downtown York).

This session is provided FREE at no cost, to Association member HR and Training professionals!

To have someone from your organization attend this dynamic session, we ask that you sign-up in advance, by sending your contact information to training@mascpa.org 
or contact Crystal Huesman by phone at (717) 843-3891.

Presented by
Mr. Tom Blaisse

About Our Session Facilitator: 
Tom Blaisse has more than 30 years of experience in the classroom and brings a wealth of knowledge from a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, banking, 
finance, technology and government. 

Through the ‘90’s, as a Senior Consultant for Franklin Covey Co.,Tom presented more than 1,800 seminars to more than 50,000 participants on the topics of 
Time Management, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and other related topics. 

Presently, Tom serves as a Sr. Consultant for the Manufacturers' Association and program facilitator for the Four Levels of the MA Supervisor Certification Series. 

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