HR Services Listing

Our HR Services Listing
Contact Amanda King, senior HR representative 
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Member companies have access to the many services of an experienced human resource professional to assist in managing executive and professional job searches, implementing or upgrading your performance management systems, compensation systems, or employee development and succession planning processes. We also can provide any government contracting member company assistance in developing Affirmative Action Plans and responding to OFCCP Compliance reviews and audits.

Members can call The Manufacturers' Association for assistance on Human Resource issues, problems or questions. 

Some of the toughest challenges of making your business successful are finding the best people and managing them effectively. The Association wants to help you have the most successful organization by providing a number of services, including Human Resources support.

The Association's Job Board

Our Manufacturers' Job Board information can be found by the link above.

This link includes information on job posting options available, pricing for members (and non-members) and a listing of industry partners who are part of our Job Board network.

You can also download a summary of the job board fees here.

We provide this resource for manufacturers to post open positions, and it also includes a section for job seekers searching for employment. We actively promote positions on our Job Board throughout our region and with our industry partners. This is a service that is available to you as a member.

Human Resources Consulting

Your business is unique whether itís about the products or services you provide or itís about the group of people in your organization. 

We donít believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach to supporting your organization. 
Our Human Resources partners are available to help with challenges specific to your organization. 

Here are some examples with how we can assist both member and non-member organizations: 
  • Employment branding and strategy 
  • Talent search, interviewing, selection and offer process 
  • Performance management programs 
  • Employee surveys 
  • Employee communication strategy 
  • EEO and OFCCP compliance 
  • Payroll compliance 
  • HIPAA, FLSA, Employee Handbooks and other related policy and training programs 
  • Compensation systems review and strategy creation 
  • Organizational development, culture, and leadership 
  • ERP and payroll implementation

Wage & Salary Surveys

We have found one of our membersí toughest issues is knowing if they are paying competitive wages. We poll our members every year to gather wage and salary data. This information is available to our members each year. 

We have 2016, 2017, & 2018 surveys available for you at HR Surveys.

Be Sure to Ask Us About Talent Recruiting and Search!

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