Association Membership - Become Involved in Your Association!

Whether as an Associate member or a Manufacturing member, The Association is committed to providing its' member companies an opportunity to be involved in many of its activities.

The input of our members is always welcome and is critical to our continued success as we expand and extend our reach in both membership and geographic areas served.

Those directly (and indirectly) involved with Manufacturing and logistics have a great degree of insight and a wealth of good ideas which the association can benefit and put-to-use for the good of all of its membership!

Some activities and committees include:
  • Health insurance trust
  • Employee Relations Council (HR Network)
  • The Annual Meeting
  • Education and Training
  • Advocacy and Legislation
  • Long Range Planning
  • Membership and Marketing
  • Workforce Development
  • Finance
  • ... other association programs.
Should you wish to be a part of our activities and programs, please just ask us for more details and information!

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