Help Strengthen Your Association: Do Business With a New Member!

Welcome to The Manufacturers' Association!

The Manufacturers' Association is pleased to welcome our newest members, who recently joined the association.

Please join us as we welcome them to the growing roster of companies in southcentral Pennsylvania and northcentral Maryland, who are coming together to pro-actively support manufacturing and logistics in our region!

We Welcome:

Polaris Profiles Baltimore, MD

USA Spares Carlisle, PA

Leverwood Knife Works  Red Lion, PA

Saxton & Stump  Lancaster, PA

If you would like to discover a regional trade association that can provide your organization with cost-effective employee training programs, affordable insurance plans, 
and assistance with your HR issues and talent recruiting needs while delivering an array of valuable member benefits and great networking opportunities simply contact us!

You too can discover the wide range of services and benefits which Association membership offers!

Our Membership Application can be found here.

Bringing our training programs, services and benefits to companies throughout the region while offering more events and more benefits than ever, this year!

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