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PLC Level 1-Basic Maintenance & Troubleshooting (3/4-7/2024)

March 4 @ 8:30 am 4:00 pm

This 4-day training program provides students with hands-on experience in the troubleshooting and maintenance of  PLC. Hardware and software troubleshooting techniques are heavily emphasized throughout the course. Troubleshooting techniques include interpretation of status indicators, diagnostic messages, and use of the programming terminal to quickly isolate faults and take proper corrective actions.

Students will improve their troubleshooting skills by learning about ladder logic instructions in projects they create. The instructor will use examples of actual troubleshooting experiences to enhance the learning process. The last day includes a laptop/digital multimeter to troubleshoot bugs on a real world I/O trainer.

This class is gear towards the beginning leaner that has little or no experience or needs a refresher.

Students will be able to:

Understand the purpose for the programmable controller
➢ Identify the four basic components that are necessary in the composition of the programmable controller system.
➢ Be aware of the general communication ability of the ControlLogix System.
➢ Recognize the advantages of the ControlLogix System above the conventional PLC
➢ Configure various communication drivers
➢ Define, identify, modify the communication path between the computer and the controller
➢ Use RSWho to verify communications and explore devices on networks
➢ Understand what a ControlLogix system is and what it can accomplish, Be aware of the differences between different ControlLogix controllers. Recognize & explain the meaning of a Logic Scan
➢ Identify ControlLogix terminology such as requested packet interval, change-of-state, Digital I/O and Real-Time sampling &status indicator lights and displays for basic troubleshooting
➢ Understand the different key switch positions and what can be accomplished in each of these key switch positions
➢ Create a project
➢ Understand what controller faults are and how to correct
➢ Identify the different power supplies , RTB, indicators & assorted sizes of chassis that is required for the ControlLogix system
Identify and understand digital and analog I/O tag addressing, and the use of alias tags

➢ Recognize and understand the differences between the communication modules and their operation. The types of communication modules that the student will recognize are DH+, ControlNet, and Ethernet
➢ Understand the difference between task, programs, and routines. Also can create and delete task, programs and routines
➢ Create a rung, create a branch, add instructions, and insert the tag addresses
➢ Recognize, troubleshoot, and use bit instructions in a ladder logic routine
 ➢ Understand, troubleshoot, and use timer and counter instructions and status bits in a required application
➢ Recognize, troubleshoot, and use data copy instructions to move, data from one tag to another
➢ Recognize the workings of the program control instructions JSR and AFI and understand how they can affect the way the processor scans the program
➢ Use the Search utility to locate desired instructions, tags, aliases, rungs and cross-references to enhance the ability to troubleshoot problems
➢ Understand the Forcing utility and its use to override Input and Output values to be able to segregate problems to enhance troubleshooting
➢ Customize display options to allow the student to better use the programming terminal for troubleshooting
➢ Set up a Trending chart so that it can be used to assist in troubleshoot varying values and bits on-off conditions
➢ Use every day small preventions to keep major problems from taking place
➢ Recognize proper installation techniques as a way to minimize problems
➢ Be aware of all of the features common to the digital I/O modules

Date: March 4 – 7, 2024
Sessions:  4 days
Times: 8:30 am – 4 pm
Location: MA Training Center-3405 Board Road, York PA 17406
Cost (member) IP Grant: $995
Cost (non-member or IP Grant: $1900

This course is supported through our Industry Partnership Grant to reduce the registration cost.


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March 4
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
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